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Static Media LLC v. Leader Accessories LLC

United States District Court, W.D. Wisconsin

December 24, 2019


          Stephen L. Crocker Magistrate Judge.

         On August 30, 2019, Judge Conley entered judgment in favor of defendant Leader Accessories LLC in this patent infringement case. Dkt. 53. On October 18, 2019, plaintiff Static Media LLC filed a motion for sanctions, contending that Leader disclosed confidential information from this case to a defendant in another lawsuit brought by Static Media, in violation of the protective order agreed to by the parties and entered by the court. Dkt. 58. For the reasons below, I am granting the motion to the extent that I find Leader and its attorneys in contempt of court for violating the protective order. I will stay ruling on Static Media's request for fines, attorneys fees, and costs until I obtain more information from the parties.


         On September 14, 2018, Static Media and Leader filed a joint motion for a stipulated protective order, in which they agreed to designate certain documents and information produced in this case as “Confidential” or “Highly Confidential - Trial Counsels' Eyes Only” information. Dkt. 13. I entered the protective order on the same day. Dkt. 14.

         Paragraph 3 of the protective order provides that all confidential information designated under the order

shall be used solely for the purpose of this action and no person receiving such information or documents shall, directly or indirectly, transfer, disclose or communicate in any way the information or the contents of the documents to any person other than those specified in paragraph 4.

         Paragraphs 4(f) and 5 specify that the following persons, among others, may access Confidential and Highly Confidential - Trial Counsels' Eyes Only information:

outside independent persons (i.e., persons not currently or formerly employed by, consulting with or otherwise associated with any party) who are retained by a party or its attorneys to furnish consulting, technical or expert services and/or to give testimony in this action and have executed a ‘Written Assurance.'

         Finally, paragraph 16 states that the protective order remains in effect after the final action, and the court retains jurisdiction over the parties for purposes of enforcing the order.

         Static Media's counsel designated as Confidential or Highly Confidential certain testimony and exhibits from the January 24, 2019 deposition of Gary M. Glazer and from the January 24, 2019 deposition of Anthony DoVale, Jr. See dkts. 21-22 (marked confidential and filed under seal). In particular, Static Media's designations included testimony related to the November 11, 2015 licensing and royalty agreement between it and Belnick, Inc., and Static Media's sales and revenue information. Although Static Media agreed to remove the confidentiality designations for a handful of pages from the two deposition transcripts in conjunction with the parties' briefing of Leader's motion for summary judgment, it did not remove any other designations in those transcripts and it did not allow Leader to share the information with a third party. See dkt. 59 at ¶¶ 3, 5. Leader has never requested that Static Media change the designation of any information or document in either the Glazer or DoVale depositions pursuant to paragraph 12 of the protective order. Id. at ¶ 4.

         Meanwhile, in October 2018, DoVale-the inventor of the D400 patent at issue in this case- sent a letter to OJ Commerce, LLC, alleging infringement of Static Media's D400 patent. In November or December 2018, OJ Commerce's lead counsel, Shlomo Y. Hecht, contacted Leader's attorney, Jen-Feng Lee, about the Wisconsin action regarding the same patent. See dkt. 63. Given the likelihood that Static Media would file suit against OJ Commerce, Leader and OJ Commerce decided to form a joint defense group (JDG). According to Hecht, JDG counsel work like a group of mutually retained outside counsel for the purpose of common defense by discussing and consulting with one another to promote a joint interest.

         On January 30, 2019, Attorney Susan Warner filed a patent infringement complaint on behalf of Static Media against OJ Commerce in the Southern District of Florida, Case No. 19-cv-60270. To formalize their earlier discussions, OJ Commerce and Leader executed a joint defense agreement (JDA) on February 15, 2019. Four days later, Hecht signed a Notice of Adherence to the Protective Order issued in the Wisconsin case. It was Hecht's understanding that JDG counsel are obligated to protect all shared confidential information and documents. Lee then provided Hecht with copies of the confidential deposition transcripts and the 2015 royalty agreement and payment information for Static Media's D400 patent. In addition, Lee admits that two days before the JDA was executed, he provided OJ Commerce's expert witness, Ronald Kemnitzer, with copies of the confidential deposition transcripts, but only after Kemnitzer signed a notice of adherence to the protective order. (Kemnitzer later provided an expert opinion on infringement and invalidity of the D400 patent in support of Leader's motion for summary judgment in this case.)

         On June 14, 2019, the Southern District of Florida issued an order to stay all proceedings in the suit against OJ Commerce, pending the outcome of the Wisconsin action. In September 2019, Static Media and OJ Commerce entered settlement negotiations. During a telephone call on September 26, Hecht told Warner about the JDA and his receipt of the discovery materials from the Wisconsin case, including the Glazer and DoVale deposition transcripts and exhibits, the 2015 licensing and royalty agreement, and the amount of the royalty paid to Static Media under that agreement. According to Hecht, ...

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docket number, dissents and concurrences, and footnotes for this case.

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